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Puerto Viejo Costa Rica

COSTA RICA Puerto Viejo 

Sunrise yoga sessions. Waking up with monkeys. Epic bike rides to town. Private beach lounging. Baby sloths. Coconut cream pie. Healing massages. Hammock hangs. Chocolate tours & tastings. Zip lining through the jungle. Barefoot jungle hikes. Dancing the night away. Super moons. Unforgettable people.
Yoga retreat in Costa Rica


Yoga retreat Puerto Viejo Costa Rica


Costa Rica was our first retreat and will always hold a special place in my heart! We brought along some of our dearest students & friends and it was everything we could have dreamed of! Some of the highlights were barefoot jungle hikes to secret waterfalls, chocolate tours with the most unreal scenery and dancing the night away under the stars with the most amazing people.

Ziplining on yoga retreat in Costa Rica
Yoga retreat guests exploring the jungle in Costa Rica
Friends on yoga retreat on the beach in Costa Rica


Friends on the beach on Costa Rica Yoga retreat

When I tell people that I'm going on a yoga retreat, the expression I get back suggests forced labour.  So I always follow with "Think all inclusive vacation with some yoga". This was certainly my experience with Kirsten and Yoga Gym Escapes in Costa Rica.  Having worked with Kirsten in studio for a few years, I new she would bring the same preparedness to this retreat that she brings to class. Maybe more important in a retreat situation is the personal connection Kirsten makes with each guest. When the yoga ends it's time for fabulous food and adventure.  All is looked after with fresh meals and group excursions. If it's some R & R you're after, have at it in surreal locations like the private beach steps away from our practice space.  But you will find it hard not to get caught up Kirsten's exuberance to explore her surroundings and share those experiences with all her guests. In Puerto Viejo those excursions included a hike through the natural rain forest to a waterfall and swimming hole. Bike rides to town for lunch or shopping in the local markets. A zipline experience in the rain forest canopy. And of course, beach time. The bonus of doing a yoga retreat is the group of people you will spend your time with. While all are unique, participants are united by their practice of yoga and desire to travel.  The barriers that might normally be there when vacationing with people you have just met are broken down when you practice together and begin to share the experience.  I have made friendships that have continued long after the retreat. Doing a retreat with Yoga Gym Escapes is an incredible gift to yourself. Kirsten's desire is for you to enjoy every moment and have the experience be exactly what you need it to be.  That in the end you will be relaxed and content and your heart will be full. - Jeremy Moher

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